Metal Art Wall Mounted Painting - "Taipei Map" shape (Black) - Gifts, Decors, Souvenir & Crafts
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SKU : TP-ta02
★ Adopt metal laser engraving technology 
★ The Unique metal artwork crafts 
★ The Basket empty frame, creative design 
★ The High-quality galvanized steel, exquisite hand-painted paint
You and my growth footprint in the map of Taipei, with life history of memory and intersection, This Taipei map is an abstract art painting, with a linear branch structure, to explore the city trajectory. 
With metal texture, art glossary abstract decorative frame art design,
Make-up space atmosphere, to frame design into a perspective effect, can highlight the fashion sense.
Not only the integration of metal materials solid, meticulous, while the performance of humanities and arts temperament, As long as with the light contrast atmosphere, you can in the plain wall to create an impressive visual main wall. The performance of clean and simple modern style, the space design unique taste, imposing.

Installation Art design
Applicable to hotels, restaurants, stores, home and other places,
Add space to decorate, creating a unique style.
  Product Specifications
SKU : TP-ta02(B)
Product Name : Metal Art Wall Mounted Painting - "Taipei Map" shape (Black) - Gifts, Decors, Souvenir & Crafts 

Material : Galvanized steel - Metal Iron, Exquisite painting
Origin : Design and made in Taiwan
Size : 625 x 775 x 32 mm
Weight : 7.8 kgs