Home Deco Creative Metal USB Night Lamp Lighting -
SKU : NI-bi08
★ LED illumination of atmosphere lights
★ Energy saving and environmental friendly
★ Cultural and creative commodities with a therapeutic comforting effect
★ Good both as present and for personal use 
Dialogue between light and shadow
Light and Shadow silently staring each other,
Although there is no lines,
But deduce a set of blank and light shadow of the script,
Time seems to be condensed at this moment.

          〔 USB Power Cable 〕      〔 White/Yellow Wireless Remote Controller 〕  
〔 7 colors LED Lamps Wireless Remote Controller

  Product Specifications
SKU : NI-bi08
Product Name : Home Deco Creative Metal USB Night Lamp Lighting - "Night Light Nest" Shape (White)

Features : Desktop Lamp, Colourful atmosphere scenario LED Night Lamp
Material : Galvanized steel - Metal Iron, Exquisite painting
Origin : Design and made in Taiwan
Size : 92 x 92 x 150 mm
Weight: 640 g