Metal Art Deco Tricycle Table clock (Classic Black) - Gifts & Souvenir
SKU : CL-tr08(B)
★ Desktop decoration combined with table clock
★ Fashion, Simplicity, Tasteful decoration with a unique design sense
★ The European-style iron craft design
★ Made with Young Town brand's non-alarm movements
Tricycle, there is always its silhouette in the childhood memories. 

The passage of time likes torrent, the second hand ticks back and forth movement
and never stops.

Keep the most precious memories, belong to you and my common memories!


  Product Specifications
SKU : CL-tr08(B)
Product Name : Metal Art Deco Tricycle Table clock (Classic Black) - Gifts & Souvenir
Features : Table clock, Desktop display, home, office or store's decoration, etc.

Accessories :
AA battery - 
dry Leclanché cell * 1 pc (
NOT included)

Color : Black

Material : Galvanized steel - Metal Iron, Exquisite painting
Origin : Design and made in Taiwan
Power : AA Battery 
dry Leclanché cell * 1 pc (NOT included)
Size:355 x 270 x 85 mm
Weight:695 grams 

* [ Attention ] :
Strongly suggest you to install "dry Leclanché cell" but NOT "
Alkaline battery" because alkaline battery will easily leakage alkaline power fluid in the long-term's weak discharge then caused rust in internal clock battery box)