Letter Holder Stand - "Dynamic Dolphin Water Dancing" shape (White)
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★ Storage box for d
esktop document
★ Organizer for invoice and document 
★ Storage rack for letters collection 
★ Good both as present and for personal use 
★ New product recommendation, Creative storage design
To enhance the life pleasure as atarting point, OPUS has designed small ornaments “elegant letter holder stand” for office taste. Let guests take the cool card for shops, places the letters, and enjoy the taste of art.  Through modern simplicity color and style immersed in shops or stores, decorates your store space, creating a quiet and elegant atmosphere. 

OPUS European Iron Artwork's Letter Holder Stand
★ Simplicity design, elegant and charming pearl color
★ Personalized texture, creates both storage and display functions
★ Elegant white of metal iron artwork with decorative feature
★ Fun silhouette shape, can accommodate letters, stationery, desktop stuffs
Easy to create a living aesthetics, as long as the election on the stationery! 
The design inspiration of OPUS 【European-style metal iron letter holder stand】from the dolphins to the sea in the wizard of the posture, jump in the clear sea and chasing waves with playful appearance, adopt elegant and charming white of low profile, metallic texture with simple appearance, to show extraordinary fashion taste.  Whether it is at home or office, easy to facilitate the collection of letters, desktop stuffs, stationery, cards, paper, etc.  It can also be used with your imagination as the style of decoration. ~
On the messy desktop, want to find a place to collect letters, but cannot find it. Is it disrupted your thoughts? Use the OPUS letter stand (letter holder) to put your enthusiastic spirit in a busy worktable.

  Product Specifications
SKU : LE-de08(W)
Product Name : 
Letter Holder Stand - "Dynamic Dolphin Water Dancing" shape (White)
Features : Desktop display, Letter storage, Storage for notes paper,  also for hang ornaments accessories, magnet, etc.
Material : Galvanized steel - Metal Iron, Exquisite painting
Origin : Design and made in Taiwan
Size : 115 x 80 x 38 mm
Weight: 135 grams

● The surface adopts metal painting technology with the effect of piano paint. 
* Note : It's a normal status that the surface with tiny particles occasionally.
● Please place the product on the child not easy to obtain as to avoid causing scratches.
● Avoid placing the product in a humid environment.
● If there is moisture on the product, please immediately use a dry and soft cotton to wipe clean it to avoid rust and the possibility of oxidation.