Metal Wine Rack - "Honeycomb" shape (Black, for 6 bottles) - Gifts, Decors, Souvenir
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★ Unique style, outstanding taste
★ Exquisite painting, simple, stylish, generous
★ Metal material, sturdy and durable
★ Essential decoration for red wine collection
★ Suitable for store and home layout
To enhance the fun of life as a starting point, designed for table-style storage ornaments Elegant red wine rack stand.  
Let guests take the red wine or place the wine bottle and enjoy the taste of art.

Through modern simplicity color and style which immersed in shops or stores, embellishment of your store space, creating a quiet and elegant atmosphere.

OPUS European Chic Art Deco - Red Wine Rack

Simplicity design, elegant and charming pearl color.

Metal wine rack is essential for wine cellar storage.

In addition to being able to increase the flavor for grape wine. 

The design of the horizontal will be easily to keep wine quality and prevent stopper to be dry.

Elegant life begins with a metal wine rack, tasteful Collection with touching slightly drunk !

The design spirit of OPUS Metalart's [European chic metal art deco wine rack] is based on "dance of the circle", just like elegant dancers wears petal skirts, dancing a waltz under the catalysis of red wine and music during an evening event, makes all guests felt intoxicated.

Using low-key luxury black, metallic texture with simple appearance to show extraordinary fashion taste. Whether it is for home or store, easy to accommodate wine bottles, etc., can also be used with your imagination as the style of decoration. ~

  Product Specifications
SKU : WR-be08(B)
Product Name : Metal Wine Rack - "Honeycomb" shape (Black, for 6 bottles) - Gifts, Decors, Souvenir
Features : Desk decoration , bottle places and displays.
Material : Galvanized steel - Metal Iron, Exquisite painting
Origin : Design and made in Taiwan
Size : 363 x 125 x 210 mm
Weight: 765 g